How to Choose the Best Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames have become a fashion accessory and are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes-and are far from the “coke bottle” styles of the past. But choosing a pair of prescription frames can be overwhelming because of the large selection available. Follow the steps below to learn how to choose the best eyeglass frames for you, your personal style and your budget.


1 Determine your budget to include prescription lenses and eyeglass frames. Depending on your prescription, your lenses may be more expensive and may limit the amount you can spend on your frames.

2 Choose frames based on the strength of your prescription. Certain frame shapes and styles are able to hide the unflattering edges of thicker lenses.

3 Observe your face shape and facial features. Eyeglass frames come in a variety of shapes that are able to accent, complement and hide facial features. Ask a representative for help if you are unsure which frames will be the best match for your face shape.

4 Select an eyeglass frame color complementary to your skin tone and hair color. Choose tones that are “warming” to your skin, and avoid colors that appear too sharp or contrasting.

5 Select frames you like and suit your personality. Personal preferences vary when it comes to choosing the best eyeglass frames. Some people prefer frames to blend with their skin tone, hair and clothing–while others desire them to be an outstanding fashion accessory. Also, eyeglass frames come in a variety of sizes. If you like a pair of frames but they seem too large or small for your face, ask an associate for assistance.

6 Try on a variety of frames. You will not know which frames look the best without trying them. What looks great on the display may be unflattering to your face shape, skin tone, hair color or personal style.

7 Shop at several different prescription eyeglass providers to get the best price on lenses and frames. Also, ask about additional discounts and sales that can apply to your prescription eyeglass frame purchase.

Tips & Warnings
Many secret shopper programs will reimburse limited amounts for eye exams, lenses and frames–saving you money.
Ask an associate for assistance if you are unsure where to start. They will be able to assist you in choosing eyeglass frames and select the appropriate size..