How to Recycle Your Old Eyeglasses

For those of us who wear glasses, you know the expense that can go with them. Here are some suggestions that can help with the cost of replacing glasses or helping someone less fortunate get the glasses they need.


1 Most of us have to get new glasses every year or so. The amount of these glasses can add up! Instead of getting new frames, use a pair that you already have. Just have them replace the old lenses with the new ones.

Many eyeglass places aren’t very happy doing it. They will try to talk you into a new pair of frames. After all, the want to make more money!They may tell you that the new lenses will not fit in those glasses. I had someone tell me this! Your prescription would have had to change dramatically for that to be the case! Talk to your eye doctor about this. Unless you really are wanting a new pair, don’t let them talk you into buying new frames!

2 Of course, if you are going to keep your old frames, make sure you have an extra pair or contacts to wear. Some places do offer 1 hour service but many do not. You cannot go around for a week without being able to see!

3 If you do decide to get new frames, donate your old glasses to The Lion’s Club. They provide glasses to those who are unable to afford to buy them. Wouldn’t that be much better than letting them sit in old drawer collecting dust?