How to Replace Eyeglass Nose Pads

Eyeglass wearers know that occasionally they must replace eyeglass nose pads. Sweat residue causes them to become dirty, and turns them yellow or greenish over time. Most people want a cleaner-looking pair. Nose pads can also break off, and you must repair the eyeglasses so that you can wear them properly. Knowing how to do this simple glasses repair can come in handy.


Things You’ll Need:
New set of nose pads
Light colored hand towel
Soft cloth
Rubbing alcohol
Jeweler’s flathead screwdriver
Clear nail polish or water soluble glue

1 Set up your work area. Lay a light colored towel across a table or countertop. The towel keeps tiny pieces in place, not allowing them to fall on the floor. Using a light colored towel provides a sharp color contrast to tiny screws and pads. This makes them easier to spot.

2 Remove the old nose pads. Use a tiny jeweler’s flathead screwdriver to turn the connecting screws counter-clockwise for removal. Turn slowly and carefully, or you can accidentally strip the screw. Keep a sharp eye on where the parts land on the towel.

3 Clean your glasses thoroughly. Wipe the lenses with a soft cloth, then use the same cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol to wipe away any residue on the frames. Take special care to clean the nose pad brackets, as they become far less accessible once you repair them.

4 Replace the eyeglass nose pads. Line up a new nose pad with its connecting bracket, and insert the tiny screw. Turn the screw clockwise, slowly, by hand. Do not force if there’s resistance or you can strip the screw. If you feel resistance, back the screw out and try again. Turn the screw as far down as you can by hand, then finish with the jeweler’s screwdriver. Tighten while holding the screwdriver between thumb and fingers only. Do not hold the screwdriver in your palm, as this can cause you to over-tighten the delicate screw.

5 Repeat the process with the second nose pad.

6 Finish the glasses repair by putting a tiny dab of clear nail polish or water-soluble white glue on the tip of the screw heads. This keeps the screws from working their way out, and you can easily remove them for future repair to the eyeglasses. Do not use any type of permanent glue, as super glues can be nearly impossible to remove.

Tips & Warnings
You can purchase replacement nose pads, extra screws and jeweler’s flathead screwdrivers in eyeglass repair kits. Buy them online or in any pharmacy..