How to Repair Eyeglasses

Time without glasses and those trips to your local retailer no longer need to be inevitable. With a quality repair kit, you can make those general repairs yourself. This will save you time, aggravation and money, making eyeglass repair less frustrating.


Things You’ll Need:
Eye glass repair kit
White towel
Task light

Repair the Hinges
1 Purchase a quality repair kit. These kits are inexpensive and provide you with the materials you will need to make general eyeglass repairs.

2 Work at a table with a task light. Place a white towel down to catch any dropped screws. The towel will stop them from rolling off of the table, and the contrast to the white makes it easier to locate fallen objects.

3 Remove the existing screw that connects the ear piece to the eyeglass frame. Clean both pieces, being careful not to bend the pieces.

4 Use the screwdriver in your repair kit to install a new screw into the hole. Tighten carefully. Secure the screw, but stop when you meet resistance to avoid damaging the eyeglasses.

Replacing Screws in the Lens Frame
1 Check your glasses carefully. Often, lenses are held in with fiber wire as well as the support provided by the frame.

2 Remove the old screw if it is still in place.

3 Replace with a new screw from your repair kit. A second set of hands is helpful to hold the lens in place.

4 Tighten the screw gently, stop when you feel resistance. Do not over tighten as this will change the shape of your lens, thereby changing the prescription of the lens.

Change the Nose Supports
1 Examine your glasses carefully. There are several different styles of nose pads, some of which cannot be replaced by a novice. If you can not easily see how to do this, take your glasses to a retailer and ask them to do the job for you.

2 Remove the screw that holds the existing nose pad in place.

3 Insert the new nose pad by lining up the bracket and replacing the screw. Tighten the screw gently, stop when you meet any resistance.

4 Clean your glasses to remove any smudges caused by your repair work.

Tips & Warnings
Once you’ve made your repairs, stop into any eyeglass center to have your glasses refitted to insure proper vision and comfort..