How to Choose Eyeglass Frames for Men

Men’s eyeglass frames have long since evolved from the “Coke bottle” glasses look. There are now a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes of eyeglass frames for men, often leaving the average person confused about which will look best on him. Follow these guidelines for picking out the ideal men’s eyeglasses to suit your personal tastes.


1 Choose a neutral color that reflects your personality and lifestyle. If you wear a lot of earth tones, matte brown or hunter green eyeglass frames would complement much of your wardrobe. If you wear bolder colors, such as primary reds and blues, choose metallic frames to match the intensity of the hues. Basic black does go well with everything, and is a good standby color if you wear a wide variety of colors.

2 Select a style that accentuates your wardrobe. Wide and funky frames are often too showy to be used for everyday wear; choose these only for special occasions. Classic styles such as simple wire frame eyeglasses work well for many people, especially for people with a smaller frame. Big and tall men can wear thicker frames well, because they balance out your more distinct features.

3 Pick an eyeglass frame shape that complements the shape of your face. Round faces look better with oval frames, and ovals also soften the pointedness of heart-shaped faces. People with strong, square jawlines should choose circular frames to smooth out their appearance. Oval shaped faces look best with thin, rectangular frames.

4 Consult with your optician if you are still unsure. Part of their job includes making sure that your eyeglasses are attractive and comfortable. They may also be able to make adjustments to eyeglass frames that look good but don’t fit quite right at the temples or the bridge of the nose.