Eyeglass Repair Tools

Eyeglasses are expensive and a simple mishap can warp or loosen parts, warranting a repair. Some people are quite careless with their eyeglasses and need frequent repairs. Using a few basic tools at home can save you from an expensive repair or needing to purchase a new set of eyeglasses.

Quick-Setting Glue
•Using quick-setting glue can be a lifesaver when the metal hinge separates from the frame. Clean off any residue on the hinge and place a drop of glue into the area. Hold the frame and hinge together for a few seconds to ensure the bond holds. It is also a convenient way to bond earpieces onto the frame if they will not stay in place.

Repair Kit
•Everyone who wears glasses should keep an eyeglass repair kit in a purse or desk drawer. A screw can loosen or fall out at the most inopportune times and often you do not have time to run out and get a repair before an important meeting or event. The repair kit typically includes a tiny screwdriver, spare screws, extra nose pads, rubber rings and even a small magnifying glass. Screws loosening or falling out is one of the most common repairs necessary for eyeglasses and you can do yourself with the tiny screwdriver and spare screws.

Small Safety Pin
•If you do not have the right size screw to repair your eyeglasses you can use a tiny safety pin for a temporary fix. Open the tiny safety pin and insert the pin into the hole where the screw should go and close the pin. This will enable you to wear the glasses until you can locate the right size screw from your eye doctor or the glasses manufacturer.

Needle Nose Pliers
•Using a set of needle-nose pliers will help you straighten the frames of your glasses if you accidentally step on them or otherwise warp the frames. Wrap duct or electrical tape around the tips of the pliers to prevent scratching the frame. Bend the frame slightly each time you attempt to straighten them and then try them on. It is better to do this several times then to overcompensate and have to bend them back that can weaken the frame.

Preventative Measures
•If you tend to be careless with your glasses or have a child who is, you may want to invest in eyeglasses with flexible frames and hinges. The durability of these types of eyeglasses will save you money and costly repairs you cannot do yourself.