How to Keep Prescription Eyeglasses on your Toddler

Learning that your toddler needs eyeglasses is difficult. The much more difficult task is keeping the needed glasses on your toddler. Practice consistency and keep a positive attitude while working to teach your toddler to leave the glasses in place.


1 Keep a positive attitude about the glasses. No one wants to have to put glasses on a young child, but understand the glasses are helping your child’s development. Without good vision, your toddler will not develop the fine motor coordination needed to succeed in school.

2 Be consistent. If you do not require your child to wear the glasses consistently, they will not understand the importance of the glasses. Put the glasses on each and every day as directed by your eye care professional.

3 Expect a fight at times. Toddlers are notoriously independent. A toddler will fight you about wearing the glasses at some point in time. Keep putting the glasses back on your toddler, unless you can see that the glasses are causing a sore spot on the toddlers head.

4 Consider investing in cable temple glasses. Cables wrap around the ears and stay in place better than a regular temple. An optical store can fit most any pair of glasses with cables. Cables are a good investment if you have an especially active child that has difficulty keeping the glasses in place.

5 Purchase a glasses strap. If cable temples won’t work for your child, purchase an athletic strap to go around your toddler’s head and hold the glasses in place. Not the prettiest option, but effective with some toddlers.

6 Stay in touch with your eye care provider. Most young children’s eyes can change rapidly. Make appointments as suggested and keep them. Occasionally, struggles with glasses are due to an incorrect prescription. Regular appointments with the eye care professional will prevent this from happening.