How to Safely Remove Krazy Glue From My Eyeglass Lenses

Krazy Glue is a popular glue because it dries quickly and provides a secure bond between materials. The advantage of Krazy Glue over other glues is that the bond is difficult to break once the glue is applied. Krazy Glue is often used to repair broken eyeglass. It can tightly secure the temple piece back to the frame and isn’t very noticeable. Sometimes Krazy Glue might accidentally drip onto eyeglass lenses during simple repairs. There are different products to help you remove Krazy Glue from glass or plastic eyeglass lenses.


Things You’ll Need:
Razor blade
Mild detergent
Acetone nail polish remover
Cotton swabs
Paper towel
Nitromethane solvent

Removing Krazy Glue from Glass Lenses
1 Allow the Krazy Glue to dry completely as soon as it drips onto your lenses. It is easier to remove a large glob of glue than glue that has been smeared when you try to wipe it off immediately.

2 Scrape at the chunk of dried glue with a razor blade to try to get it off the lenses. Be very careful not to scratch the glass with the razor blade, but remove as much of the glue as possible.

3 Soak the glasses in a solution of warm water and mild detergent for 20 minutes to try to loosen the glue. Try to wipe the Krazy Glue away after soaking.

4 Dip a cotton swab in acetone nail polish remover and blot at the glue to loosen the bond. This may remove the rest of the glue or you may need to use more acetone.

5 Soak the eyeglass lenses in a shallow bath of acetone nail polish remover for 10 to 20 minutes, then remove and wipe away with a clean cotton swab or paper towel.

Removing Krazy Glue from Plastic Lenses
1 Chip away at the dried Krazy Glue with your hands to try to remove it from the plastic lenses. Avoid using a razor blade because the risk of scratching the plastic lenses is too great.

2 Soak the glasses in a shallow bath of warm water and a mild detergent for about 20 minutes. This may soften the glue and allow you to remove it by hand.

3 Dip a cotton swab in a nitromethane solvent and swab at the Krazy Glue spot to loosen it; wipe away with a clean paper towerl if it is loosened well enough. Nitromethane is safer to use on plastics than acetone and can be found in de-bonding products that are available at many craft or hobby stores.

4 Soak the plastic eyeglasses in a shallow bath of nitromethane solvent for 10 to 20 minutes then use a clean paper towel to wipe the remaining glue and residue away.

Tips & Warnings
Non-acetone nail polish remover will not work to remove the glue because acetone is the ingredient in nail polish remover that works to loosen glue.
Acetone may damage many types of plastic used in plastic eyeglass lenses, so do not use acetone nail polish remover on plastic lenses..