How to Choose an Eyeglass Frame to Compliment the Shape of Your Face

Eyeglasses are so much more than a utilitarian vision aid–they are a fashion accessory, a personal statement and an easy way to change your entire look in an instant. Choosing the glasses that show off your style and make you look terrific can be a snap with a few pointers.


Things You’ll Need:
Selection of eyeglass frames
Digital camera
Friend and/or eye care professional

1 Determine the shape of your face. There are five basic shapes: round, oval, square, heart and triangle. If you are unsure of your shape, study your face in a picture or ask your eye care professional for help.

2 Identify any areas you would like to downplay with glasses such as a wide nose, angular jaw or close-set eyes.

3 Choose a selection of frames that are most likely to flatter your face shape. In general, a frame should contrast with the shape of the face. Individuals with oval faces can generally wear any shape. People with round faces should avoid round lenses, instead opting for a geometric or angular style eyeglasses. For a triangular face (a face which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom) look for glasses that have a heavy bottom and light top or consider rimless frames. If your face is heart-shaped consider frames the have no frame on the bottom or cat-eye style glasses. Square faces, those with a heavy jaw line and wide forehead, will benefit most from oval eyeglasse frames, frames with soft curves and thin materials.

4 Eliminate any glasses from your selection that are not in scale with your face. Your eyes should fall close to the center of the frame lens, the side of the frame should touch your temple lightly and the top of the frame should align with your eyebrow.

5 Decide which glasses compliment the features you identified in Step 2. A narrow nose is flattered by a high bridge, a wide nose by a wide bridge. Accordingly a long nose can be can be made to appear thinner by low set bridge and a short nose is elongated by high bridge. Angular features like a sharp jaw line can be softened by curves and oval shaped glasses. If you feel your eyes are too close together select a light colored or clear bridge. Wide set eyes can be made to look closer together by a heavy or darkly colored bridge.

6 Narrow your selection down to several pairs of eyeglass frames. Have someone take pictures of the frames you are considering with a digital camera to assist you with your final decision.

Tips & Warnings
Keep in mind that these steps are guidelines. Fashion allows for many exceptions to the rules. How a frame makes you feel should be your guiding force when making your final selection.

Bring a trusted friend with when selecting glasses.

If you are unsure of your selection, ask the store to hold your choices for a day or two. Sometimes frames feel and look quite different when re-visited a second day.

Always ask your eye care professional for their recommendations while selecting eyeglass frames. Not all prescriptions can be made in all frames.

If you are having an eye exam at the time of your frame, selection be sure to choose your glasses before you are given dilation drops, as these drops will blur your vision..