How to Take Care of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses take time to make and are expensive, so for those who need them to get through the day, it’s smart to care for them properly. The following will help you to take care of your glasses and in turn, care for your eyes until your doctor says it is time for a new pair.


Things You’ll Need:
Hard case
Lens cleaning liquid and cloth
Eyeglasses screwdriver set

1 Always keep your eyeglasses in a hard case when you’re not wearing them, even if you just remove them to sleep. Carelessly setting them on the sofa beside you might result in someone sitting on them. Or they may get knocked off a table and stepped on.

2 Clean the lenses, even if they’re scratch resistant, with a lens cleaner and soft cloth. Never wipe them with an abrasive or dirty cloth (even a tee-shirt), and never wipe them without wetting them first. And don’t use a facial tissue or paper towel, no matter how soft it might feel.

3 Take your eyeglasses off whenever you lie down, even if you’d rather read or watch TV. If you fall asleep you might roll onto your side, possibly bending your eyeglasses.

4 Get your eyeglasses properly fitted to your face by a professional, and get another fitting whenever they feel loose. This is usually a free service at any eyeglass service center.

5 Wash your eyeglasses in warm soapy water every day. Gently scrub dirt and oil from the groove where your lenses fit into the frames.

6 Buy a small screwdriver set and check that the screws are tight. A good time to do this is when you are washing your glasses.

Tips & Warnings
Always remove eyeglasses with both hands. Never peel them off with one hand.

Never try to repair your glasses with superglue. You will only damage the frames, forcing you to buy new ones. Take them to a professional for repair..