How to Design Your Own Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglasses can be fashionable and often go well with certain pieces of a wardrobe, providing a sophisticated style. Gone are the days of bulky eyeglasses and limited choices for stylish frames. Today, eyeglass wearers can design their own frames. Eyeglass frames can be any size or shape, and be made to fit an individual’s facial measurements precisely. A stylish shape and fit is easily achieved by utilizing online tools and new technology in eyeglass frame making.

Things You’ll Need:
Internet access
Fashion magazines
Tape measure


1 Draw the style of eyeglasses you like on a piece of paper. Make sure to draw the exact shape you are interested in. Look in eyeglass magazines for the types of styles that interest you and familiarize yourself with the latest designers.

2 Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, one with an eyeglass maker on the premises. They often have designer frames available that you can work with to custom make your eyeglass frame in the shape and color of your choice.

3 Use online websites to design your own eyeglass frames. Follow instructions on the site. Upload a head shot of your face from the neck up, and face forward. Use a photo that is in a file format such as jpg, gif, bmp, png or a tiff file, at least 700 pixels wide.

4 Reposition your photo after uploading it to the eyeglass-making site, making sure it is even within the work space. Resize or rotate the photo accordingly. Choose one of the photos provided if you don’t have a head shot. Sometimes these sites will have photos ready to choose from, such as vintage photos of celebrities with classically shaped faces.

5 Design your frames. Select a shape and drag and drop it over the face on the computer screen. Resize and reposition the eyeglasses, and thicken or thin the frames to your liking. Make the frames any shape you want, from oval to rounded or rectangular.

6 Click on the color box to select a frame color. Select a lens color, and adjust the lens darkness by using the slider bar provided. Submit the design to the company when you’ve finished. The company will send the photo back with the appropriate size and style you selected for verifying.

7 Send along your actual facial measurements with the email to the company to make sure that the accurate size is achieved. Follow the instructional chart at the website on how to measure your face. The company will make the custom frames to fit.