How to Buy New Eyeglasses

This article is mainly for those people who don’t wear contacts, have bad eyesight, and are in need of purchasing new eyeglasses. I’ve found an easier way to help you select a new pair that look good on you, without you having to press your face close to the mirror to see what you look like.


Things You’ll Need:
friend or willing sales person
digital camera

1 First figure out what shape of face you have. Is it round, oval, square, oblong, triangular, or rectangular?

2 Oval faces look better with a round or geometric frame.

3 Round faces look best in angled or squared frames.

4 Triangular faces are advised to pick geometric or aviator styles.

5 Rectangular or oblong faces should choose curved or rounded styles.

6 Square faces should find oval, rounded, or cat-eyed frames.

7 Diamond shaped faces look best with oval frames.

8 Now that you know what frame shapes you are looking for, pick several out and set them on the table.

9 As you try on each pair, your friend will take your picture so you can review them once you put your current pair of glasses back on. It is best to try and have the same expression for each of the pictures. So smile pretty in each one or keep a straight face. That way you won’t be influence by your look as you contemplate which frame is the most flattering.

10 Now take your time and scroll through each of the pictures with your friend and decide which frame looks best on you. If you still can’t decide, take the camera home and have other friends and family give you their opinion. This way you don’t have to take ALL of them to the store with you.

Tips & Warnings
Show the sales person your prescription so they can let you know what frames you might not be able to get. For me and my bad eyesight I couldn’t get rimless frames. My prescription was too heavy for them.