How to Care For Eyeglasses

Because many people wear there eyeglasses at all times, it’s easy to become one with your glasses and forget they are even there. However, you only need to think about the expense of new glasses to remember the importance of taking good care of them. Eyeglasses care is an ongoing process, but making it part of your usual routine can save you hundreds of dollars.


1 Clean eyeglasses with a micro fiber cloth especially made for eyeglasses. Care for the cloth by keeping it in a special box to protect it from dust when not in use. If you must clean your glasses when the cloth is not handy, a soft T-shirt is better than paper towels or tissues.

2 Use soap and warm water to clean lenses. You can purchase special eyeglass cleaner, but regular dish soap is safe and effective.

3 Keep the arms of your frames tight by using a tiny screw driver to tighten the screw connecting the arm to the front of your glasses. This will prevent your glasses from slipping from your face and your lenses from falling out of the frames.

4 Store eyeglasses in a hard case at all times when you are not wearing them.

5 Care for your glasses during strenuous physical activity by attaching them to a strap around your neck. Search eBay for many fashionable eyeglass strap options.

Tips & Warnings
Consider titanium frames if you are worried about damaging your frames.

Do not use regular glass cleaners on your glasses. They can damage your lenses.

Never store eyeglasses in extreme temperatures. Hot or cold conditions may warp frames..