How to Remove Paint Spray From Your Eyeglasses

If you’re working with paint, you may accidentally get some on your eyeglasses. This, of course, can obstruct your vision and may permanently damage your eyeglass lenses. Fortunately, there are some simple remedies for this problem.


Things You’ll Need:
Clean cloth or T-shirt

1 As soon after the incident as possible, wipe off the paint with a clean cloth. Dab the cloth in a little bit of water to help get the paint off more easily. When wiping your lenses, never use an abrasive material such as a paper towel or wool, because these will scratch your glasses. If you don’t have a clean cloth, a soft T-shirt should be fine–as long as you don’t mind getting a little paint on it.

2 If the paint has already dried, wiping it with a cloth won’t do the trick. Instead, use your fingernail to scrape the dried paint off your lens. Do not use any kind of metal or plastic instrument, as this may scratch the lens. To be safe, file your nail so that it’s not sharp or jagged; a flat or rounded nail should easily and safely scrape off the paint.

3 Avoid using chemicals. Do not use any kind of paint-removing chemicals such as turpentine on your eyeglass lens. This can cause permanent damage.