How to Order Eyeglasses on the Internet

The internet has not just expanded our access to information- it has revolutionized the way we shop and live. Anything can be purchased via your computer, including discount eyeglasses. On-line eye glass retailers often provide deep discounts at prices that may seem, and may be, to good to be true. Armed with the proper facts and information about your prescription anyone can get a great deal on internet glasses that won’t leave you with a headache in the end.


1 Obtain a copy of your current glasses prescription.

2 Review your eye glass prescription to assure that all measurements are included. At a minimum this should contain your prescription and a measurement termed a PD or a Pupilary Distance. The inclusion of a PD on a prescription is not standard so ask your eye doctor to write down this measurement at the time of your exam.

3 Acquire any missing information such as a PD or lens recommendations from your eye care professional. If you are unable to obtain your PD have a friend measure it for you using the guide provided here:

4 Call the internet eyewear retailer you are interested in purchasing from and ask for lens recommendations and frame guidance using your prescription and measurements.

5 Shop for eyeglass frames based on the suggestions of your doctor and the retailer you plan to use. Many sites allow you to upload a picture in order to view eyeglass frames on your face. You may also buy frames in person from a local retailer and send them in for the lenses. If you plan to buy the eyeglass frame online it will help to know the size of frames you have previously worn or frames that you find comfortable.

6 Place your order with the eyewear retailer you have selected. Most retailers will help guide you through any additional measurements such as those required for bifocals or multifocals.

Tips & WarningAlthough laws may vary from state-to-state most states require that your eye care provider gives you or the manufacture of your glasses a copy of this information.

Eyeglass prescriptions often contain many abbreviations. The most common abbreviations are “OD”, which means right eye an “OS” which means left eye. See the link below for a helpful explanation of your prescription.

Discuss lens recommendations with your eye doctor at the time of the exam and request that these suggestions be added to your written prescription.

Have a friend help with any measurements you may take yourself and double check measurements before placing your order. Even skilled opticians may make errors in measurement..Choose a retailer with a flexible exchange policy.

Most retailers will not replace or repair an eyeglass frame you have purchased yourself and sent in to have lenses added. Keep this in mind as frames can and do break during the lens insertion process..