How to Prevent Eyeglasses From Fogging Up

In the grand scheme of life there are three levels of problems. There are the big problems, such as how to meet the monthly mortgage payment; medium problems like getting a passing grade on the driver’s exam and then there are little annoyances like having your eyeglasses fog up every time you step out into the cold or extreme heat. The advice found here won’t pay your mortgage or help you to pass your driving test, but you’ll learn how to keep your glasses from fogging up.


Things You’ll Need:
Toothpaste (optional)

1 Try a free home remedy. Apply soapy water to the eyeglasses and allow it to dry. Buff off the excess soap scum leaving a clear see through film of soap to enable you to see out of the glasses. When you step into differing temperatures, the glasses wont fog.

2 Purchase commercial anti fogging products such as C-Clear or PMI anti fog glass spray. Apply the product to the glasses in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Test it out by stepping from a hot to a cold area or visa versa.

3 Buy a pair of anti fog goggles. The Smith Turbo Fan Knowledge OTG Goggles have a small electric fan that operates constantly to eliminate fog. While these anti fog goggles might be overkill in eliminating fog as a result of stepping from an air-conditioned room into the hot humid outdoor summer temperatures, it works well for skiers looking to keep their goggles from fogging while on the slope.

4 Acclimate a pair of glasses to the outdoor temperature. This method will not work on the ski slope, but it works wonders for stepping from air conditioner to heat. This method requires more than one pair of glasses. You’ll need one to wear in the cool temperature and a ‘warmer’ pair that is already acclimated to the outside temperature. All you have to do is wear the pair that is appropriately acclimated to the temperature. It’s not the most practical solution, but it’s worth a try.

5 Wear contacts. If all else fails and the fogging eyeglasses are too much to withstand, maybe it’s time to get a pair of contact lenses.

Tips & Warnings
An alternative to applying soap to the glasses is using toothpaste instead. Once you apply the toothpaste to the glasses, rub it in until you’re able to clearly see through the glasses and you’re ready to go..