How to Adjust Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames can get out of shape with time. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new pair of glasses if they suddenly feel too loose or too tight. With just a few pointers and simple tools, you can adjust the frames yourself.


Things You’ll Need:
Needle nose pliers

1Adjust the temple piece of the metal frame with needle nose pliers. An indication that the temple needs adjustment is if the frame looks off balance and doesn’t sit properly. Don’t use too much force to twist the metal frame or the weld at the temple will break.

2 Straighten the frame if you feel like the earpiece digs into the back of your ears. If the glasses feel loose, push the curve inward gently with your hands. If the earpiece flares out too much, twist it carefully with an inward motion.

3 Put your glasses on and notice whether the glasses sit too high. If they do, use your fingers to spread out the nose pads a bit. If the glasses sit too low, push the nose pads in so that they sit properly.

Tips & Warnings
Place the glasses on a flat surface to make sure that they sit correctly. You may need to do several adjustments before they sit evenly on a table or flat surface.
Plastic frames normally don’t have nose pads so you won’t be able to adjust them..