How to Get Cheap Glasses for Bad Vision

Eyeglasses are generally used for correcting the vision of persons with bad eyesight. The lenses are usually the most expensive part of the glasses, depending on the type of materials they are made from. Using vision insurance, sales and discounts can help make the purchase of glasses more affordable.


Things You’ll Need:
Prescription for eyeglasses

1 Go to an eye doctor that accepts your vision insurance, if you are insured. Ask for the cost of the glasses to be billed to your insurance company.

2 Contact your insurance company to get the best coverage for the cost of your glasses.

3 Find out if there are any subsidized health programs in your area that offer assistance for the purchase of glasses if you don’t have insurance.

Sales and Discounts
1 Look for special sales and offers from eyeglass vendors and vision specialists in your area. There are often offers for purchasing both the lenses and the glasses at a discounted rate.

2 Cut down on the cost of the glasses by choosing a cheap frame. Some frames are much more expensive than others.

3 Purchase a frame when there is a special discount or sale to get it for a lower price.

Online Vendors
1 Check the web for discounted rates on eyeglasses. Many Internet vendors offer inexpensive prescription glasses. The cost is often lower online than at your local optician’s.

2 Research the prices of various online vendors and select one that suits your budget. You will need a valid eyeglass prescription to obtain your glasses.

3 Research online vendors before making a purchase. Look for online reviews and testimonials from past customers.

Tips & Warnings
To verify the authenticity of an online vendor, visit the Better Business Bureau’s website to check out the company’s business record..