How to clean your eyeglasses

In this article you will learn how to properly clean your eyeglasses. Today just about everyone wears some type of eyeglasses; anywhere from over the counter reading glasses and sun glasses to prescription eyeglasses. Then there are specialty eye wear that includes eyeglasses and sunglasses that are designed for a specific purpose, such as computer use, driving, work, hobbies, protecting your eyes and more. The materials used to make these glasses have changed in many ways over the years. There are progressive lenses which can do everything a bifocal or trifocal can do, but without the lines. Anti-reflective coating, UV coating and scratch-resistant coating are options that make lenses more attractive and longer-lasting. There are also transition lenses that darken in the sun and are very convenient for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. They can also protect your eyes while working at your computer by protecting them from glare and helping to reduce “tired eyes.”

No eyeglass lens material, not even glass is scratch-proof. However, a lens that is treated front and back with a clear, hard coating does become more resistant to scratching, it’s still not totally scratch proof. Children, or should I say parents, especially benefit from purchasing eyeglasses that have lenses with a scratch-resistant hard coat because kids will be kids. Even with all this modern technology, lenses are still not completely protected from wear and tear, so it is important to take care of your glasses properly. Having worn prescription trifocal eyeglasses for nearly 25 years, I can tell you from experience how to properly clean your eyeglasses and what will really mess them up.


Things You’ll Need:
A micro fiber cloth specifically made for eyeglass lenses.
A cushioned eyeglass case.

1 I’ve tried the liquid cleaning solutions for eyeglasses, but in my opinion it doesn’t work very well. For one reason, in most cases it doesn’t completely cover your lenses and your lenses need to be completely covered, and it leaves streaks. Here’s what I do to clean my eyeglasses: I fill my kitchen sink with lukewarm water and dishwashing soap. Then I carefully hold my glasses with both hands ensuring that the lenses don’t touch the sink and I simply swish my glasses in the soapy water a few times. Never use your fingers or the wash cloth to clean your lenses because this will scratch your lenses. I rinse them well with lukewarm water and while the lenses are still wet, I dry them with a micro fiber cloth. The reason I said dry them while they are still wet is because if you let them dry and then use your micro fiber cloth on your lenses, there can be tiny microscopic particles on your lenses and this can lead to scratches. This cloth is specifically made for cleaning and drying your eyeglasses; although I don’t use them to wash my glasses; just to dry them because the less your lenses are touched, the less often they will get scratched. You can purchase some of these cloths at any eye wear store or get them cheaper if you purchase them on the internet or at a drug store or even super stores, like Walmart. Never use your micro fiber cloth to clean your eyeglasses without first washing them or at least running them under some lukewarm water first to rinse off any particles because this will also scratch your lenses. Transition lenses are wonderful but they scratch the easiest.

2 Always use a micro fiber cloth that is specifically made for lenses.

3 After cleaning your eyeglasses, NEVER use a paper towel to dry them. Paper towels are course and can scratch your lenses.

4 Never use a hand towel to dry your eyeglasses because no matter how soft the towel may feel in your hands, it can also scratch your lenses.

5 Do keep your glasses in a cushioned case to protect them.

Tips & Warnings
Never use your fingers or a wash cloth to clean your eyeglasses.
Never use paper towels or hand towels to dry your eyeglasses.
Always use a micro fiber cloth specifically made for eyeglasses to dry your glasses and never use the cloth on dry lenses.
Always store your eyeglasses in a cushioned eyeglass case when not in use.
Transitional lenses are great but scratch easily..