How to Bend Eyeglass Frames

Whether you damaged the frames of your glasses through frequent use or your brand news pair isn’t fitting the way that you’d like, every once in awhile you may need to make small adjustments to your specs. The best way to get your glasses adjusted is to take them to an optician or optometrist’s office, where they’ll often fix your frames for free or charge a nominal fee. If you can’t make it to your optician or you’d rather save a couple bucks by doing the adjustments yourself, you can fix your own frames by following a few simple steps.


Things You’ll Need:
Blow dryer (optional; see directions below)

1 Pinpoint the reason why you need to adjust your glasses frames. Look at yourself in the mirror. Consider whether your glasses are crooked, not aligning properly with your eyes or just plain uncomfortable. When you know what’s wrong, you’ll know what adjustments to start with to make your glasses fit properly.

2 Push the glasses up or down on your nose until they sit where you’d like them to if your lenses are not aligning properly with your pupils. With this ideal in mind, you’ll be able to make gradual adjustments and compare their results to what you’d like to achieve.

3 Start with the nose pads if your frames have them if you need to adjust how high or low the glasses sit on your face. Work by gently bending the nose pad arms, the small metal extensions that attach your plastic nose pads to the main frame of your glasses. Bend the nose pad arms closer together to bring the frames higher up on your face, or spread the nose pad arms apart to make your glasses sit lower.

Adjust the temple arms of your frames if your glasses don’t have nose pads or you can’t achieve the effect you want by adjusting them. If you have plastic frames, remember to heat the arms of your glasses with a blow dryer or with hot water before attempting to bend them. Put the frames under cold water to set the arms in their new position.

•5 Adjust the bends in your glasses frame, right where the arms curl behind your ears, if your glasses sit too high or too low on your face. If your frames sit too high, gradually straighten the bends with a series of small adjustments, and/or move the start of the bends closer to the ends of the arms. If your glasses sit too low, gradually increase the bends through a series of small adjustments, and/or move start of the bends closer to your lenses.

6 Gently bend the arms of your frames inward if your glasses feel too loose. If they feel too tight, bend the arms of your frames outward.

7 If your glasses appear crooked, your eyes probably don’t align exactly with your ears. Either bend the temple arm to slightly elevate it on the side where your ear is higher, or bend the temple arm to bring it down on the side where your ear is lower. Be careful–don’t put any pressure on the frame’s hinges while making this adjustment.