How to Make a window & eyeglass cleaner

Here’s how to save lots of money by making a cleaner that’s very similar to what’s sold by the optical stores and the big chains.


Things You’ll Need:
Rubbing Alcohol
Joy or similar dishwashing product
food coloring
some empty spray and squirt bottles
optional: labels for your “Kleen-all”

1 In just a few minutes, for almost no money, you can make a better window cleaner and eyeglass cleaner than most of the products on the market. Many of the window cleaners are ammonia based. Most of the eyeglass cleaners sold by the big chain stores and optical stores are alcohol based.

Here’s a great idea. Take the ammonia and the alcohol and put them together! That pretty much sums up the whole formula for this fabulous new cleaner that you can make in just a few minutes. You can put it into old Windex bottles for your window washing. You can fill up your old 2, 4, or 8 ounce spray bottles and use it for your eyeglasses.

You can call it Kleen-all and you can even put your own labels on and sell it yourself. You can name it any name you want. If you make your own labels, be sure to note that your product contains ammonia.

2 Here’s the complete formula:

1 ounce regular or sudsy ammonia
4 ounces of rubbing alcohol – sold at all supermarkets & pharmacies
1/4 teaspoon Joy or similar dishwashing liquid
1 quart of regular tap water
15 or 20 drops of food coloring-any color you like

Mix ingredients 1 thru 4 together and then add the food coloring a few drops at a time until you arrive at a shade that is pleasing to you.

3 The cleaner does a fabulous job on windows, with no streaking or smearing. It’s also highly effective on mirrors and sliding glass doors. The last time I bought ammonia it was $1.50 for two quarts and the alcohol was 99 cents. Since you probably already have the Joy and the food coloring, this project will probably only set you back $2.50 and you will have about a year’s supply.

Now lets talk about cleaning your glasses and this is something I know a little about because my job is cleaning eyeglasses and selling an ‘all natural’ cleaner.

First thing….don’t use wood to clean your glasses. Products that are mostly wood include those coffee filters you hear some people talking about. They are made of wood..don’t use them.

Also don’t use facial tissue…they are wood! Don’t use most paper towels for the same reason. You can use VIVA and you can use Bounty. Both are more closely related to your tee shirts than they are to the woodchips from which those coffee filters and facial tissues are made.

To sum up-use Viva, Bounty, tee shirt pieces, any good soft cotton cloth.

To clean your eyeglasses (also camera lenses, riflescopes, periscopes, telescopes etc.) Spray both sides of the lenses and wipe dry with your Viva.

You can probably find some more uses for Kleen-all and please let me know if you do.

Tips & Warnings
Remember that ammonia is toxic. Don’t breathe the fumes. Keep it away from children..