How to Repair a Scratch on an Eyeglass Lens

Scratches on your eyeglass lenses, even very small ones, can be very frustrating. You can always have the lenses replaced, but this is an expensive option. Another alternative is fixing the scratches on your eyeglass lenses yourself using home remedies. Be careful, however. You’ll want to avoid damaging the lenses so much that you can’t wear them at all.


Things You’ll Need:
Lens cleaner
Lens cloth
DVD/CD repair kit
Pledge furniture polish cleaner

1 Clean your glasses with lens cleaner and a lens cloth. This will remove any surface debris that appears to be a scratch. It will also reveal where exactly the scratches are located on the lens.

2 Clean your eyeglasses using a DVD/CD repair kit. These kits usually come with solution and a cleaning cloth. Spray the solution on the lenses, just as you would on a CD or DVD, and clean them with the provided cloth. You can also use your lens cleaning cloth.

3 Clean your lenses with Pledge furniture polish cleaner and your lens cloth. This should be done in the same way you would use lens cleaner. Spray on a small amount of pledge, and wipe it away with the cloth. The Pledge can help fill in small scratches. Make sure you wash your cloth afterward.

4 Contact your eye doctor if the scratches on your lenses are a result of the anti-reflective coating coming off. If this is the case, you should either ask your doctor to remove all of the coating or to put in new lenses. Don’t try to remove the anti-reflective coating yourself. You’ll most likely damage the lenses and then have to get them replaced anyway.

Tips & Warnings
Cleaning your lenses with a cloth shirt, hand towel, paper towel, or tissue will scratch your lenses. To prevent scratches, only use a lens cleaning cloth when cleaning your eyeglasses..