How to Wash Eyeglasses With Dish Soap

It always happens when you go to put on your eyeglasses: There is a smear on them. You can try to remove the smear with a tissue but this only adds to more trouble with your eyeglasses. Now you have a layer of lint on your glasses that will prevent you from seeing. There is a better way to clean your eyeglasses. Whether it is daily cleaning of your eyeglasses, or an emergency spot clean, the way to clean your eyeglasses is with dish soap. Follow these easy instructions to clean your eyeglasses with dish soap and see the world through a new light.


Things You’ll Need:
1 sink
1 container dish soap
1 pair of eyeglasses
1 roll paper towels

1 Fill the sink with about four inches of warm water to begin cleaning your eyeglasses. While the water is running in the sink place two squeezes of dish soap into the water.

2 Lay out two paper towels off to the side. This way you will be prepared once you have washed your eyeglasses so you won’t accidentally smudge them again.

3 Open up your eyeglasses so that it looks as though you are going to slip them onto your face. Hold onto the eyeglasses by the nose piece to wash them, using dish soap.

4 Dip your eyeglasses into the soapy water. Lift them up to your eye level to see if the eyeglasses have any caked on debris on them .

5 Gently rub the lens between your fingers. This will use the dish soap to remove any spots on your eyeglasses. Dip your eyeglasses into the soapy water again.

6 Hold your eyeglasses under running water to rinse the dish soap off of them.

7 Place your eyeglasses onto the paper towels that you laid out earlier. Allow the eyeglasses to air dry before you put them on to wear.

Tips & Warnings
You can use this process to clean sunglasses as well as eyeglasses. This technique is safe enough to use on mirrored sunglasses.

Trying to see through dirty eyeglasses will make your eyesight get worse. Clean your eyeglasses daily to keep your eyes healthy.