How to Find the Right Eyeglasses for Face Shape

Finding the right eyeglass frames isn’t just about a fashionable design or a trendy color. Face shape is the most important factor. You’ll typically want a shape that is the opposite of your face shape to promote balance. You’ll also want to consider the sharpness of your features and the size of your face and body frame. The most harmonious eyeglass frames are ones that will both highlight the positive aspects of your face, by providing symmetry, and not distract from your features, such as too-big frames on a too-delicate or small face.


How to Find the Right Eyeglasses for Face Shape
1 Determine your face shape. The best trick is to look in a mirror, pull back your hair and trace your face using lipstick. The result should be the shape that closely resembles one of the following: oval, square, diamond, heart, rectangle and circle. Still in doubt? Go with the closest match.

2 Consider proportion. Besides face shape, consider the bulkiness of your features. If you have delicate features and a petite face and/or frame, you don’t want large, bulky plastic frames. Whereas if you have stronger features, you may be able to pull off bigger, more dramatic frames.

3 Select wider frames for an oval face. Though this face can pull off most anything, you want to maintain the balance this shape is coveted for. Opt for frames that are at least as wide as the broadest part of the face.

4 Go with narrow frames with curves, not sharp angles, if you have a square face. Narrow frames minimize the width of one’s face, particularly the sharp, angular jaw. By selecting oval or round shapes, these curves have a balancing impact on the otherwise sharp and angular features of your face.

5 Pick frames with detailing if your face is diamond-shaped. The detailing highlights your eye area and brings out your often dramatic cheekbones. Cat-eye shapes further maximize the often narrow eye area that comes with this face shape, as will wider or bigger frames.

6 Choose frames which are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top if your face is shaped like a heart. By selecting this upside-down shape for frames, you’ll actually add some heft to the bottom of your face, which is a good thing as your chin tapers. Again, you achieve balance by doing so. Look for frames with rounded tops and squared-off bottoms.

7 Opt for geometric-shaped frames if your face is round. Think of frames which are the opposite of what looks best on a square face. You want to alleviate the curves of your face, so pick frames that are rectangular, with sharp angles. Also, go for thinner frames. Thicker frames only add bulk to your face.

8 Try on your frames virtually. If in doubt, don’t buy. Instead, try on hundreds of frames from the comfort of your home. There are sites where you can “test” out the look of your prospective frames by uploading your photo.