How to Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses Safely

No matter how careful you are, the lenses in your eyeglasses always seem to get scratched. Scratches can be minor or major. It doesn’t really matter how your glasses get scratched, the bottom line is you’d like the scratches removed–without it costing you too much. There are a few easily obtainable products that can remove the majority of scratches in a matter of minutes.


Things You’ll Need:
Non-abrasive toothpaste
Jeweler’s rouge
CD/DVD repair solution
Soft microfiber cloths

1 Most modern lenses are made of plastic, and most lenses are coated. Apply Armour-Etch to the side of your scratched plastic lens if the scratch is only to the anti-glare coating that is on the lens. It is the coating and not the lens itself which is scratched in many cases. Apply Armour-Etch (available at Michael’s and most hobby stores) with a cotton swab. Allow to dry and rub off with a microfiber cloth. Do not use on glass lenses or allow it to touch a metal frame.

2 Remove deeper scratches by applying a small amount of plain non-abrasive toothpaste to your lens. Rub in a circular motion with a clean microfiber cloth and use only light pressure. Continue for 10 to 15 seconds and then wash off the toothpaste under running water. If scratches remain, repeat the process. This will remove the scratched coating and will also remove shallow scratches in the lens itself.

3 Apply a small dab of jeweler’s rouge (obtainable from a jewelry store) onto the side of your lens with the scratches. Rub in a circular motion with a clean microfiber cloth. Use only moderate pressure. Rub for 20 seconds and wash off under running water. If scratches remain, repeat the process.

4 Purchase a CD/DVD repair kit. In the kit, you will find a spray bottle of a cleaning solution. Spray your lenses with this cleaning solution and rub your lenses using a circular motion with a microfiber cloth. Wash your lenses under running water. Repeat if scratches are not completely removed.

5 Pour a few drops of ammonia on your lenses and rub with a microfiber cloth. Scratches should disappear, especially shallow scratches in the coating.

Tips & Warnings
No matter how you repair the scratches in your lenses, the coating that originally came with your glasses will be removed. Do not worry. This will not affect your prescription in any way.
If the scratches are too deep to be removed by any of these methods, it means the lenses must be returned to your optometrist. They may require replacement..