How to Make Chains for Eyeglasses

Misplacing your eyeglasses is a nightmare, especially if you can’t see without them. Eyeglass chains are a way to make certain that you can always find your glasses.

You can make your own eyeglass chain and personalize it by picking your own length, color and style of beads.


Things You’ll Need:
Bead-stringing wire
Measuring tape
Side cutter
Crimping pliers
Crimp beads and bead caps
175 6 mm round, black beads
Chain nose pliers
Jump rings
Eyeglass holders

How to Make Chains for Eyeglasses
1 Cut a piece of bead-stringing wire measuring 32 inches.

2 Thread wire through a crimp bead and a jump ring.

3 The wire hooks the jump ring.Loop wire through the same crimp bead again. Make sure the two wires are not crossed.

4 Closing the crimp bead.Close the crimp bead by placing the bead on the groove closest to you on the crimping pliers. Squeeze the pliers. Then place the crimp on the groove farthest from you. Squeeze the pliers again.

5 String wire through one bead. Be sure the crimping tail fits through the bead as well. Cut the tail.

6 Leave room for the crimping bead.String the rest of the beads through the wire. Once you get close to the end, be sure to leave 2 inches.

7 Repeat steps 3 and 4.

8 Thread the crimping tail through one bead. Cut the tail.

9 Cover the crimp beads with a bead cap. Squeeze the bead cap with pliers to secure.

10 Connect the eyeglass holder with the jump rings by slipping the rubber part of the holder through the ring.

Tips & WarningsPersonalize your eyeglass chain by measuring the wire around your neck before cutting it. Just be sure to leave an inch and a half extra on both ends for easier crimping..Be sure that your crimp beads are secure by pulling on the main wire. If the crimp bead falls apart, repeat steps 3 and 4..