How to Shop for Eyeglasses for Youth Sports

Playing sports in regular prescription glasses is an accident waiting to happen. To help prevent eye injuries, child athletes should use protective athletic eyewear.


Things You’ll Need:
Sports Sunglasses
Straps For Sunglasses
Soccer Apparel
Soccer Cleats
Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses
Soccer Videos

1 Go for one-piece plastic sports frames with poly-carbonate lenses. These allow for high visibility as well as protection.

2 Check for padded or rubber bridges, which add extra comfort.

3 Consider deep-grooved eyewires, so lenses will not fall out if the frame is hit hard, and a face-formed shape for a wider field of view.

4 Opt for a headband attachment to secure the frames on the athlete’s head.

5 Consider athletic eyewear for children who wear contacts. The American Optometric Association (AOA) feels that contacts alone do not provide sufficient protection.

6 Look at non-prescription sports glasses as well. The AOA feels that children should use protective athletic eyewear regardless of whether they wear prescription glasses or contacts.

Tips & Warnings
Provide a safe place to keep glasses before and after playing to avoid losing them.
Mark your child’s name and telephone number on the glasses, for example, on the headband attachment. Then, educate your child on the importance of caring for his glasses, since they are expensive.
Take your child to a hospital emergency room or an eye doctor for immediate care if he or she is hit in the eye..