How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Eyeglasses

Plastic eyeglasses and sunglasses are inexpensive and durable, but if your frames include plastic lenses, they can easily become scratched. If you have no problem buying a new pair of glasses or getting your lenses replaced, take your frames to an eyeglasses store. If you’re in need of a quick fix or don’t have the proper funds, however, there’s an easy and frugal way to fix scratches on eyeglasses at the last minute. This process is especially useful for children’s glasses, which are frequently made of plastic.


Things You’ll Need:
•Soap and water
•Plastic wrap (optional)
•Wood-cleaning spray
•Eyeglasses cloth
•Petroleum jelly

1 Rinse the eyeglasses lenses carefully with hot water and soap to remove any dirt or residue. If you’re concerned about the fragility of your frames, you can wrap a piece of plastic wrap over the frames so they don’t get wet.

2 Spray a wood-cleaning spray onto your lenses.

3 Wipe off the wood-cleaning spray with an eyeglasses cloth. Eyeglasses cloths can be bought at a drugstore, eyeglasses retailer or an optometrist’s office. These cloths have special fibers that don’t further damage or scratch glasses, including glasses with plastic lenses.

4 Dab a small amount of petroleum jelly over each scratch. This will coat the scratches and fill in the crevices, making them less noticeable.

5 Wipe off the petroleum jelly with an eyeglasses cloth. If you still see scratches, repeat the five-step process again. If your scratches are particularly deep, you may have to get your lenses replaced.

Tips & Warnings
Plastic frames are often fitted with glass lenses, so ask your eyeglasses retailer about this option.
Keep cleaning sprays out of the reach of children.