How to Remove Crazy Glue From Eyeglass Lenses

Krazy Glue is a clear adhesive used to bond items together. Once placed on an object, Krazy Glue works quickly to form a bond with that item, which contributes to its strong adhesive properties. If it spills or comes in contact with you eyeglass lenses, the sooner you can clean it, the more successful you will be at removal. If your glasses have any special coatings, such as glare or UV protection, using anything other than soap and water may remove the coating.


Things You’ll Need:
Mild soap
Soft cloth
Acetone nail polish remover

1 Fill a bowl with warm water. Add a squirt of a mild soap, such as liquid dish soap or hand soap.

2 Place the glasses, lenses facing downward, into the soapy water. Allow them to soak for 30 minutes.

3 Remove the glasses from the soapy water. Wipe them with a dampened cloth to attempt to remove the Krazy Glue. If the warm water is weakening the glue and allowing it to be removed, continue with this process until you remove all the glue. If this does not remove the glue, proceed to Step 4.

4 Dampen the corner of a soft cloth in an acetone nail polish remover if you have glass lenses or nitromethane if you own plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

5 Rub the cloth into the Krazy Glue for removal.

6 Fill a bowl with acetone nail polish remover or nitromethane. Set the eyeglasses face down in the mixture. Soak them for 10 minutes. Remove the glasses and attempt to wipe off the Krazy Glue. Repeat the process, lifting the glasses from the liquid every 10 minutes until the glue is removed. This method should be a last resort, as it can discolor the eyeglass frames.

Tips & Warnings
Never use acetone or acetone nail polish on plastic or polycarbonate lenses. It can leave the lenses cloudy and damaged..