How to Change Eyeglass Frame Colors

Selecting a pair of eyeglass frames is a decision that will impact your daily look. The color of your eyeglass frames may be influenced by your personal style, your coloring and complexion, your hair or eye color or the type of clothing you like to wear. Whether you want to stand out or simply have a flattering pair of glasses, consider several factors before deciding on and changing your frame colors.


Skin Tone
1 Determine if your skin is cool or warm in coloration. Everyone has either blue (cool) or yellow (warm) undertones in their skin.

2 Visit a cosmetician or makeup counter and ask for guidance if you are having trouble determining your skin tone. Makeup artists are specialists in skin tone and should be able to tell you if you are cool or warm.

3 Visit your eye care professional and browse the selection of eyeglass frames.

4 Match your frames to your skin tone. Warm skin looks best with warm-colored frames, such as coral, gold, khaki, tortoise, red and copper. Cool skin tones suit colors like blue, silver, black, purple and pink.

Hair and Eye Color
1 Evaluate your natural hair and eye color to determine if the color is cool or warm. Even if your hair and eye color are different, they will still be in the same tonal family.

2 Match warm-colored hair and eyes to warm-toned frames. Warm hair tones include golden blond, chestnut, black and auburn. Warm eye colors tend to be shades of brown.

3 Match cool-toned hair and eyes to cool-toned frame colors. Cool hair colors include blue-black, strawberry or platinum blond, white and ash brown. Cool eye colors can be blue, violet or gray.

Personal Style
1 Evaluate your personal style to determine common themes, preferred colors and interests. You may notice, for example, that you favor the color red, retro styles or futuristic materials.

2 Match your frame color to your clothing style. If you wear a lot of red, select a red frame that will complement your outfits. Alternatively, select a frame color like violet or blue that will contrast with your clothing.

3 Choose a frame that expresses your individual style. For example, if you are an outgoing, exuberant person, you may like a frame that is bright and flashy to match your personality. Green, pink or purple frames would match you perfectly. Alternatively, your personality may suit a more understated gold, pastel or brown color.

4 Ask for a second opinion from the optician, who is trained in matching frames to faces.