How to Order Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are just like any other purchase; you can shop around and order them from a variety of different companies, not just from your eye doctor. Some companies price their glasses cheaper than others, so it’s important to look around before ordering. You can order your glasses online or physically visit a store and place your order. As long as you have your eyeglass prescription, you should have no problem.


Order in person
1 Make an appointment with your eye doctor to get your eyes checked if your prescription is expired. Most prescriptions expire one to two years after the prescription date. The expiration date is usually listed on the prescription, but if it is not, you can call your doctor to find out if your prescription is valid.

2 Visit each local eyeglass store. Tell one of the employees that you’re interested in ordering eyeglasses and that you’d like to look at some frames. Do not order the glasses during your first visit; you just want to get a feel for the store, the frames they offer, a potential price and the friendliness of the employees. The employees should be trained to find a pair of frames that perfectly fit your face and draw out your features. If a store doesn’t have a wide selection of frames, visit another store.

3 Ask about prices. Even if the eyeglass store is part of national chain, many stores have independent prices. You can ask an employee the prices the store charges.

4 Bring in your prescription. Once you find a store that you want to order your glasses from, bring in your eyeglass prescription. Sit down with an employee and pick out the pair of frames you would like. The store will call you when your glasses are available for pickup.

Ordering Glasses Online
1 Look at your prescription for an expiration date or call your eye doctor to find out if your prescription is expired. If your prescription is expired, you'll have to schedule an eye appointment and obtain a current prescription.

2 Browse the online store’s selection of frames. Online stores don’t have the restricting floor space that regular stores do, so you’ll typically find a wider selection of frames online. Your choices for frames will typically consist of plastic or metallic. Plastic frames are lightweight and often cheaper than metallic ones, although they’re easier to break. Look at the dimensions of the frames and make sure they're not too large or small for your face.

3 Look at the refund policy. The downside of ordering eyeglasses online is that you don’t know how the frames will fit your face and the prescription may turn out wrong. Make sure the store’s return policy clearly states that they will issue you a new pair of glasses if you are not satisfied.

4 Examine the security policy. Every store should have Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, technology, which encrypts your personal and credit card information. Also check for security certificates, such as VeriSign or GeoTrust. Click the security certificate to make sure it opens to the certificate’s website; identity thieves place fake certificates on their site, but they won’t open when you click on them.

5 Choose your frames and fax or email your prescription. Once you’ve chosen the store you wish to order your glasses from, you’ll need to fax or email your prescription. You can also enter your doctor’s number for the store to call your doctor, if you don’t want to fax or email your prescription. Once the store verifies your prescription, they will send you a confirmation email and will charge your credit or debit card.

Tips & Warnings
If you're looking online for frames, or you want to pick out a pair of frames without assistance from an employee in the store, keep in mind your appearance. Larger frames look better on a smaller face, while smaller glasses look good on a small face. If you're shopping in a regular store, move your head up and down to make sure the glasses don't fall off.

Buying glasses online is often cheaper than buying them in a regular store, but it's also riskier. You cannot tell how the frames will look on your face and whether they will fit correctly.

Make sure your doctor writes the “Pupil distance” on your prescription.

Most online stores will send you an email when your glasses are shipped..