How to Adjust the Nosepiece on Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses come in several different colors, styles, shapes and sizes. The height at which the eyeglasses sit on a person’s face and nose is determined by the nose pads. These pads can be adjusted easily at home without the need for a specialized tool in order to achieve the optimum fit and height for the task at hand. For instance, a person wearing reading glasses may wish to have their frames sitting lower on the nose.


Things You’ll Need:
Needle-nose pliers

1. Examine the nose pads. Make sure that each pad is at the same height. If there is one that is lower than the other, hold onto the glasses with one hand while gently moving the nose pads until they sit at the same height with a small pair of needle-nose pliers.

2. Pinch the nose pads together gently and place them onto your face. If you want the glasses to sit slightly higher, continue to pinch the nose pads together with your hands until the desired placement is achieved.

3. Spread the nose pads apart from each other if you wish the glasses to sit lower on the nose. Continue to spread the pads apart with your fingers until the desired placement is achieved.

4. Place the eyeglasses on your face and examine them in the mirror. Take one more look to ensure that the glasses are level and are fitting at the desired height and comfort level.