How to Make a Child Wear Eyeglasses

When your child is required to wear eyeglasses to correct his vision, he might not be excited about the idea. This is especially true if he is teased about his glasses. As a parent, you can employ a couple of techniques to increase your child’s excitement about wearing glasses. The secret is to make your child feel cool and comfortable with his glasses.


1. Change the child’s eyeglass frame to one that she likes. Add some color or “bling” to her frames. She is more likely to wear the glasses if they attract compliments from her friends. New frames can average $50 to $150, depending upon the manufacturer and retailer. Once you find a frame your child likes, take the frame to an optical store to get the frame changed out.

2. Add tint to the child’s eyeglasses, if he likes to wear sunglasses. By doing so, the eyeglasses will look more like sunglasses. He is more likely to wear them. The tint should also be added by an optical professional.

3. Show the child pictures of other “cool” people who wear eyeglasses. For instance, find pictures of her favorite celebrities who wear glasses.

4. Use reverse psychology to make your child wear his eyeglasses. Explain to him that glasses are so cool that some people wear fake eyeglasses as a fashion accessory. Show him pictures of people wearing fake glasses. Make your child feel good that he doesn’t have to wear fake glasses. Instead, he gets to wear the real thing.

5. Ensure that the child’s eyeglasses are comfortable. If they are not comfortable, she is less likely to wear them. If the child’s glasses are always sliding, take the glasses to an optical professional and have the bridge adjusted. You can also change to a frame that has slightly curved or cable “temples.”