How to Improve Vision Without Glasses

Good eyesight is no longer the norm in the United States. Just over half of the population uses some kind of prescription lenses. Many other people have eye problems that they aren’t even aware of. It is important to learn how to improve vision without glasses.

Continual tension and strain cause the eye muscles to tighten, and as a result, vision problems occur. Learning how to relax those same muscles can correct a variety of problems. A vision training program can teach the person the necessary relaxation techniques.

Palming is one of those techniques. Place your elbows on your desk and cover your eyes with the palms of your hands. Ideally you should see total blackness. Let your eyes, neck and shoulders totally relax. Do this for two or three minutes. You can do this as often as you need to during the day.

Don’t forget to blink. Practice blinking rapidly. This helps to relax and rest the eyes, while at the same time helping to lubricate and cleanse them.

If your eyes are sensitive to the light, this exercise may help. First thing in the morning, stand in the direct sunshine with your eyes closed. Relax and allow the sun to relax your eyelids and the muscles around your eyes. Move your head from side to side, or move it slowly in a circle. Don’t squint.

Myopia is the most common visual problem. It is usually brought on by eyestrain and emotional stress. One way to improve your sight is to hang a calendar on the wall and sit far enough away that the numbers can barely be seen. Take off your glasses and do the palming technique. Read each number. At first you may have to close your eyes and open them quickly to bring the numbers into focus. Repeat with each individual eye and then do both eyes together.

These simple suggestions can do a lot to improve vision without glasses. If you do them faithfully, you may find that in time you will no longer need your glasses. It is certainly worth a try.