Top 3 Tips on How to Choose Fashion Glasses

There are a lot of choices for fashion glasses today, so in this article I will show you how to choose the right fashion glasses just for you. There is not much difference in the lenses, so I will concentrate on mainly the frames. The first tip is to choose the type of frames material, but popular choices are titanium and aluminum that looks classier than plastic ones.

The second tip is to choose the right color for your frame. There is a good technique to narrow down the choices. First, determine your skin color. If you have whitish or yellowish facial skin, your skin color is cool. If you have tanned, brown or dark skin, then your skin color is warm. If your skin color is cool, choose bright silver, blue, or green. If it is warm colored, then choose red, orange or gold.

The final tip is to determine your face shape. If your face is round or square shaped, choose narrow frames. Avoid round frames especially if you have a round face, else it will make your face seem even rounder. If your face is oral shaped, choose wider frames. If your face is heart shaped, choose a frame that is rimless, else it will distort your face shape.