Improve Your Eyesight and Vision Without Glasses

Improve your eyesight and vision without glasses using the right diet and exercise. The right diet and exercise can do wonders for your health. We have all heard that exercise is good for you, it should come as no surprise that diet and exercise can help you improve your vision, as well.

From the time we get up in the morning, till the time we go back to sleep at night, we are using our eyes. What ever we are doing, our eyes usually play a big part in it. From finding our toothbrush in the morning, to picking out what clothes to wear, driving to work, reading, watching television, just think of all the activities that you do that you need you vision for. Then, cover your eyes and try to do without them for a few minutes. See how important they are?

Improve your eyesight and vision without glasses by taking care of your eyes. Here are a few hints on how to take care of your eyes. When reading, do not hold the book or document close to your eyes. Proper posture is important, too. Sit up straight. Your mom knew what she was talking about when she told you to sit up straight. Proper posture allows for better blood circulation. It is all about getting the oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body. Bad posture impedes that blood circulation.

Give yourself breaks, especially when working on the computer a lot. Make sure that you have good lighting for your work. Straining to see in bad light is not good for your eyes. Make sure that you are getting enough rest. Sleep, the right kind, is very important.

Taking vitamins and mineral supplements can also help you. You only get one pair of eyes, taking care of your eyes is vital. Have your vision checked regularly and make sure to exercise your eyes daily.

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