How to Make Your Glasses Part of Your ‘Look’

Although wearing glasses can be a pain, if you do things right, they become a part of your ensemble and soon you won’t be able to picture yourself without them! If you wear glasses, it’s important to pick a pair that will suit your personality and your style so they match.

Many people resent getting glasses and do everything they can to mitigate the damage to appearance such as using contact lenses or getting laser eye surgery. However, if you are careful about the glasses you choose, you can make them a part of your appearance and use them to add to your looks instead of detracting from them. There are a few ways to do this and you should consider it carefully before immediately doing everything you can to get rid of them.

Consider the Shape of Your Face

Glasses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and so do faces. Overly round glasses will make some people look bat-eyed while other people will have accentuated eyes from the same pair. It boils down to the shape of your face. There are roughly seven shapes of faces and when you are choosing glasses, you are doing with an eye to making your face appear more proportional and balanced which means choosing a contrasting pair of glasses. For example, if you have a round face, you should choose glasses that are angular and narrow with a clear bridge. Rectangular glasses will work best. If you have an oblong face, consider glasses that are deeper than they are wide and have a short bridge. If you’re uncertain, ask your optometrist what seems most suitable.


Your glasses should accentuate your natural coloring and for this, consider your skin tone, your eye color and your hair color. These things fall into two categories-warm or cool and your glasses will have to match. For example, blue eyes tend to be cool, skin tone can be cool or warm (look around your eyes; if it’s bluish, you’re cool) and hair color such as brown is usually warm. Then make sure you choose frame colors to match. Red frames will suit warm coloring best while blue will suit cooler tones best.

Designer Glasses?

There is always a temptation to buy designer glasses; they look neat on the rack and there is always the feeling that designer is better. However, in the case of glasses, designer mostly means an extra hundred dollars tacked on your bill, if not more. If you can afford designer glasses, then go for it since they are very good looking, but if not, you can find perfectly good glasses that will look nice on you without resorting to the high brands. Te important thing is that the glasses work with your eyes and that they will look good on you.

Your optometrist can help you pick out the size and color of glasses that will suit you best, so make sure to ask if you are having trouble. Your glasses don’t have to be expensive designer glasses either; the important thing is that they are a color and shape that will best suit your face and the rest of you as well and of course that they will work! So don’t feel as though you are chained to something that will make you look bad; properly chosen glasses will be an accessory as well as a necessity, not just something to be put up with and replaced at the earliest opportunity.