Looking After Your Reading Glasses

Many of us need glasses just for reading and that means that many of us own a pair of reading glasses. Quite often you think you know someone really well only to find them pull out a pair of glasses and put them on – perhaps after years of seemingly not needing them. Then the conversation always goes the same: ‘I never knew you wore glasses’, ‘they’re just for reading’. But then comes the time when you find yourself needing reading glasses, and then there are some difficulties involved that will take a little getting used to.

The most obvious of these difficulties is the fact that it’s so easy to lose or damage reading glasses. In some ways in fact it could actually be argued that it’s easier to lose reading specs than it is to lose other ‘normal’ glasses. The reason for this is that the reading glasses are something that you won’t wear that often and as such won’t be ‘used’ to wearing. This then means that you will not find it a natural urge to put them in their case, and nor will you necessarily be as practiced in avoiding the foibles of a glasses wearer.

If you find yourself wearing reading glasses then, it’s highly important to make sure that you keep them safe and there are a few ways to do this. First and foremost you should make sure that you have a good case for your glasses. This is important as it will house your glasses and mean that they don’t get sat on or trodden on – wherever they are this will act as a protective shield and also help prevent your reading glasses from getting dirty.

However a case for your glasses is no use whatsoever unless you use it and use it vigilantly. The problem here is that many people after using their reading specs will simply place them down on the arm of the chair or sofa or on the floor in front of them (not in the case) and what this does is to immediately put them in the line of fire and make them very easy to lose or break. Putting them on the arm of the sofa absent mindedly for example will mean they are likely to fall down the back or off the side.

As such, every time you take off your glasses you should put them in your glasses case (wherever possible). DO this enough and it will become a natural habit – as natural say as putting them down wherever you happen to be, and you can rest assured they will always be protected. As one more added tip, it can be a good idea to try and find a glasses case for your reading glasses that is a bright garish color. This way, when you come to look for it, you will have the distinct advantage of finding it sticks out like a sore thumb. Similarly getting brighter colored glasses can help this cause, and you should likewise choose a pair that is highly durable if you’re prone to accidents.

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