How to Look Hot in Designer Reading Glasses

Any average person can wear reading glasses but it takes a special kind of confidence to make you and those glasses look hot as well as catch the eye of passerby’s. During the 80’s and 90’s it was fairly difficult to make reading glasses look cool namely due to the size of the glasses (i.e coke bottles) which caused negative stereotypes for all wearers of glasses. One such negative stereotype was that all people who wore glasses were overly smart and in most cases a geek or nerd which was never the case. With all of the stigma that surrounded glasses the confidence in people who often wear glasses has gone down dramatically.

Glasses have since become slimmer and trendier than their early ancestors due to size and shape of the frame. With that the idea that “the slimmer the better” came into mind and has since been the ideal way of thinking with a majority of people wearing glasses today. Along with the size various design styles and colors have been introduced; from the rimless jet black designer glasses to the half-rim baby blue designer glasses with butterflies engraved into them the possibilities are endless. However as frequent wearers of reading glasses come to understand it takes a lot more than design styles to make glasses look cool.

It is a fact that as long as a person is confident in what they wear they will always make them as well as what they wear look cool. This is the secret to looking hot in reading glasses; with confidence in yourself you will have the ability to smile knowing that you look good and nobody can tell you any different! It is equally important to have confidence in the item that your wearing without question those are the yin and yang of looking hot in any type of reading glasses.

Overall it is confidence in yourself and in the glasses that you are wearing that will make you look hot. Which of course reaches back to the question of “How do you look hot in reading glasses?”. Without one there can be no other. In other words you need confidence in yourself in order to have confidence in your glasses and once you have both you will be a fierce opponent in the world of the hot and confident.