Prescription Glasses That We Come Across the Most – Reading Glasses

Prescription glasses might become necessary for you if you face a lot of problems in reading and if you have to keep stretching your hand as far as possible to be able to read. Reading glasses are among the ones that are most commonly seen today. There are basically two different types of reading glasses that can be seen today, full frames and half eyes which are both different.

Full Frames

The prescription glasses for reading that are full frames are the ones in which the entire lens is made according to the prescription. These are suitable for those who have to spend a large amount of time reading and concentrating on things close at hand. However, you would find everything looking blurry if you look up and try to see across the room with these glasses on.

Half Eye Glasses

The other type of prescription glasses are the half eye glasses. These are the glasses that sit at the edge of the nose. These glasses are small in size and you would be able to see over these glasses if you want to see anything at a distance. There are a few glasses that also come with the UV protection. These are known as tinted glasses. Sunglass bifocal glasses are glasses in which the lower half are for reading while the upper half are for looking at something in the distance. There are many different types and variations of glasses available for reading which you would have to explore before deciding which one to purchase.

Where to Purchase Glasses

Ready made prescription glasses are available at optical stores and at many pharmacies that specialize in these glasses. The glasses are not quite expensive and you would be able to find them in a variety of designs and in many shapes. However, the only drawback is that these glasses would not be customized for your personal use and so it might not be convenient for you. You might want to put them on and check first before purchasing to know whether or not they are comfortable for you.

One of the best things to do is to actually get your glasses custom made. This is quite easy and it does not cost a lot either. There are several online stores where you would be able to get them custom made according to your preferences at lower costs. These stores specialize in glasses and you would be able to provide your prescription, select the frames and specify what you want. The styles that are available are several so you would certainly find something that suits your face and your personality when you purchase these prescription glasses.

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