My Experience With Pinhole Glasses

One of my most desired dream is to have a good eyesight so that I don’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses. But actually, at the age of 7, I was diagnosed of nearsightedness and had to wear a pair of prescription glasses. After long-time wearing it, to be frank, I am a little tired of it. One day, my yoga teacher recommended me to have a try of pinhole glasses. She said it will be easily relaxed with pinhole glasses. And I decided to have a try following her advice.

Before, I knew a little of this kind of glasses in some publications but did not pay much attention to it. In order to save postage and handling cost, I bought a pair from a local store, where herbs, incense, and spiritual books are also sold. The first feeling of this glass is good. It is very light in weight with a flexible plastic frames. After trying on it, I feel it is very comfortable. Compared with my prescription glass, pinhole glass is more comfortable to wear, and lets people feel little restrictions.

After wearing the pair for several days, I find I begin to love this kind of glass. It is great that it can help me to see clearly. For example, when I watch TV, before if I sit 10 feet away, I surely can not see pictures clearly, but now, with pinhole glass, I can easily see them clearly. Besides, though I may not see as far or well as that of other regular glasses, with the help of pinhole glasses, I can see further than not wearing glasses. So in my spare time, I like to wear pinhole glass as it can help me to see clearly and further, and it is comfortable to wear as well.

But I have to say please don’t wear pinhole glasses while driving. We should know the working principle of pinhole glass firstly, and then will easily know the reason not recommend to drive with it. Pinhole glass works just as when we use fist to cover the eyes, there will be less light and object will be seen clearly. And in driving, enough light will be needed, if we wear pinhole glasses, some light will be blocked, so that it will be dangerous for us to drive. But if you don’t have any other glasses available, you can also wear it for short time, but my advice is it is better not to wear pinhole glass while driving.

Thanks to my yoga teacher that she recommends such a good pair of glass to me. While enjoying the comforts pinhole glass brings to me, I also like the feeling of relaxation. In a word, I love pinhole glass very much and enjoy this wonderful experience of wearing it.