My Ideas of Buying and Maintaining Glasses

Nowadays, more and more people have been shortsighted. Various glasses are sold everywhere. We can buy glasses from hospitals, opticians or even online shops. As far as I am concerned, buying new glasses from hospitals is the best.

The optometrists in hospitals are very professional, as they are trained in hospitals and they are qualified to the job. However, not all the optometrists in opticians are qualified because of the lure of money. Some of them are not honest to customers and what they want is just a good margin of profit. With the development of the Internet, online shops also provide us with all kinds of watches. Clicking the mouse, we will soon get new glasses. But there exist many risks of buying glasses online. As we can not see the actual glasses, it is possible that we buy different glasses from what we want online. Furthermore, glasses are fragile and can not stand rough handling and long-distant transportation. Therefore, it is unsafe to do online glasses buying. What’s worse is that glasses of some online shops are more expensive.

After we buy new glasses, we should know how to maintain them. First of all, we should keep the glasses clean all the time. For stains on the glasses, we should use specialized cleanser or neutral soap to clean them. Some people have the habit of cleaning glasses with their clothes or handkerchief. It is wrong to do so, because the rough texture will easily damage the glasses.

Secondly, we should be careful to place the glasses. When we buy new glasses, we can get a spectacle case with a piece of flannel cloth. In order to protect the glasses from outside pressure, we had better wrap them with the flannel cloth and place them in the case.

Finally, we should not keep the glasses in heating rooms or in the sun for a long period, because the glasses frame will discolor and deform. Except for the tips mentioned above, there are other maintaining methods we should know. Glasses are helpful and essential to shortsighted people, so it is necessary to maintain them well.