How to Remove Super Glue From Eyeglasses

When you are using super glue it is always a good idea to use gloves and protective eye glasses, especially if you have your own everyday glasses you need to protect. However, it is still possible to accidentally get super glue onto the eyeglasses. Although it is more difficult to remove super glue from glasses, it is possible and can be done with a little effort.

things you’ll need:
Mild soap

1 Mix warm water with a mild soap. Set the eyeglasses into the mixture and allow it to sit for several minutes. The sooner you put the eyeglasses into the soapy water the better.

2 Rub the super glue stained area with a dry rag or the coarse side of a sponge. The super glue might come loose at this point.

3 If the glue is not gone, apply nail polish remover to the eyeglasses. You may want to pour the nail polish remover into a small container and set the glasses in it. Let the glasses stay in the nail polish remover for about thirty minutes.

4 Wipe the eyeglasses clean with a damp rag.

5 Repeat the nail polish remover application if all of the glue is not completely removed from the eyeglasses.