Is it Time For You Get Your Reading Glasses?

Today, problems of vision have become very common among individuals across the world. This problem bars none–it victimizes people from almost every age group.

Although, scientific developments have brought new innovations in various procedures of correcting vision like lasik surgery,etc, yet, the majority of people still prefer to go for the traditional glasses. These single visioned reading glasses come in handy especially when you become almost frustrated with not being able to read even your morning newspaper, leave alone reading hundreds of documents at office.

When getting yourself a pair of new reading glasses you will find that they primarily come in two types:

o Full framed glasses: In these glasses, the entire lens is adjusted to the power as prescribed in your prescription

o Half eye glasses: These are comparatively smaller in size and usually remain stuck to the lower part of your nose. These types of glasses resemble those worn by Ben Franklin.
You need to choose one of these two types of reading glasses for yourself as per your requirements.

If you spend almost your whole day doing a lot of reading and paper works then you need to go for the full framed reading glasses. However, if you look up from your books and have a look around through this glass of yours, then, everything may seem to be a bit blurred.

But the half eye glasses seem to be somewhat more advantageous because when looking down, these allow you to do all your reading and such stuff at a close distance clearly and at the same time on looking up they enable you to have a clear vision of the surroundings and the things at a distance.

Those of you who have not required a pair of glasses in the past while newly opting for a pair of spectacles will usually require reading glasses, unlike those requiring glasses after a certain age, who need bifocal lenses or no line progressive lenses. The latter types of lenses should be availed of by those who have a problem in seeing both near and at a distance.

You can also go for the reading glasses that act as sunglasses during the day protecting your eyes from the ultra violet radiation. These glasses can also be fitted with bifocal lenses whose upper part is fitted with normal glasses of no power for clear view at a distance and the lower part with lenses as per your prescription that will assist you in reading and having a clearer closer view.

Besides going for reading glasses, you can also opt for handy readers which need not be worn regularly and are so small that these can be easily carried in tiny cases. Also, some magnifiers are available in the market which you can wear around your neck like a pendant. You can even go for those lenses made up of plastic which are so thin and sleek that they can be fitted into credit card holders and put into the wallet. So, even if you do not have spectacles, you will have the lens at your hand to suffice your needs in desperate times when your inability to see clearly can cause you much trouble.

Thus, to sum up, in short, the types of lenses that you can avail of are:

o Whole framed glasses
o Half eye glasses
o Bifocal lenses
o No line progressive lenses
o Day and night glasses that act as sunglasses
o Portable, sleek lenses

Now, the reading glasses can be made under supervision or else can be bought readymade from either a pharmacy where eye testing is done or from shops selling various kinds of eye gears.

The readymade glasses mainly developed and got popularized in the 1900s. Statistical data shows that there was a burgeoning increase in purchase of readymade reading glasses during this time. These types of glasses prove to be much less expensive and so allow you to buy a number of pairs of spectacles, that too, without drilling a hole in your pocket.

While you are buying readymade ones you can go for the various styles, colors that ensure your making a fashion statement. Some designer frames really are very fashionable. However, these usually are a bit more expensive. Also, if you do not like the design, you can always opt for the cheaper ones that do not give you much of a fashionable look but are of the conventional types.

If you get your glasses made then you can make quite a few of them so that each can be kept at a different place in the rooms of your house, your office, your car, etc.

However, the problem with the readymade reading glasses are that they are made fitted with a standard power meant for all and not specifically for an individual. So, often the power may not be accurate enough to give you a clear vision. The optical centre of the lenses are not personalized enough to suit the prescription of each wearer of glasses. Besides, cases are very rare where one has the same eye power in both eyes. Most people have some astigmatism correction done in their prescription.

You should seriously try to avoid such glasses which are not as per your prescription because these can cause you harm in return. These can cause severe headaches due to strain exerted on your eyes; can also result in nausea. If you already have such problems, then, be sure to pay your eye doctor a visit so that he can ascertain whether your reading glass comprises of the correct prescribed power.

Eyes are the windows to the world. So, you cannot afford to take risks with it. Get yourself the correct pair of reading glass in order to have a clearer view of the world again.