Make it Easy to Keep Eye Glasses on Hand – Compact Rules!

One of the first signs of aging is not putting on a little weight or realizing that throwing a ball with the children actually hurt your body. It’s when you are served chipotle dip when you thought you had pointed to chicken on the menu. The word certainly looked like chicken. You had gone to a lot of trouble by moving the menu in and out trying to find the perfect angle to make sure you were able to correctly read the fine print.

Don’t forget the squinting too. Frequent squinting combined with the arm motions intended to place the reading material at the ideal distance is a sure sign someone is dealing with aging eyes.

There are other ways to spot people who need reading glasses. Not able to see the screw slots while doing repairs with a screwdriver around the house? Are you unable to thread the needle? Having trouble reading the instructions that came with the new television? Thought that price tag said $3.00 when it really said $8.00? Frequently find yourself asking friends or family “Can you read this for me please?”

Being Unable to Read Fine Print is Not Funny

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to buy reading glasses. Discovering you need eye glasses can be a bit of a shock to some people. In days past reading glasses were big, bulky…and let’s admit it…ugly. They had huge black or brown frames that turned you into an alien-looking creature when worn. People would avoid buying reading glasses as long as possible and then after a purchase hide them at home to wear secretly. Between being bulky and ugly they seldom made their way into purses or shirt pockets.

Of course there are also those people who buy reading glasses and then spend a lot of their time looking for them. The old joke about someone looking for glasses they pushed up on the head is not really a joke. It happens all the time. Eye glasses:

* Get shoved to the back of drawers

* Misplaced in cluttered purses and bag

* Fall off tables and break

* Left at the last place where they were worn

* Forgotten at work

Reading glasses left behind don’t provide any benefit when you need them (unless upon discovery someone else borrows them to read with).

That’s why someone invented the string or chain worn around the neck that holds glasses in a loop. You don’t lose them but eye glasses swinging on a chain do nothing for your outfit and can actually become a nuisance. They hit the desk or table or get in the way when bent over a filing cabinet drawer. Many people get tired of the string rubbing their neck skin.

Manufacturers have tried to make neck string or chain holders for eye glasses look trendy and appear as if they are part of an ensemble but without much success. When was the last time you saw a celebrity wearing an eye glass string or chain made of seashells or a rhinestone encrusted string? It was probably about the time the early rock and roll artist Buddy Holly performed in Australia in 1958 and bulky eye glass frames were the only choice.

It’s easy to tease people about losing their reading glasses, but the fact is that being unable to read small print is frustrating. The frustration grows exponentially when you can’t find your reading . That’s why so many people own many pairs of reading that can be placed in strategic locations like the office and the bedroom or on the table next to your favorite reading. But that doesn’t help you when in the restaurant reading a menu or at the grocery store trying to decide if the cheese spread has too many grams of fat listed on the label (which you instinctively know it does without glasses).

A New Family of Glasses

So what’s the solution? Experts in easy living solutions have designed reading glasses that are only distant cousins of those ugly bulky glasses you remember. The new designs are made ultra-thin and compact so you can easily slip them into a purse or bag, shirt pocket or even the automobile glove compartment and always have them handy no matter where you are at the time without taking up valuable space.

There are even credit card sized Rd glasses that will fit in a wallet, and Rd glasses that do double duty as sunglasses. Just as importantly the new Rdgs are stylish and made in a variety of frame colours. So they really can complement your outfit instead of making you look like a throwback to the 1950s.

Reading glasses are needed in a number of situations throughout the day and having them readily available is important. With the compact reading glasses and reading sunglasses made today there is simply no reason to find yourself squinting, doing the arm motions, ordering the wrong menu items, or relying on other people’s eyes to read the small print. The convenience of the new designs makes it possible to always have reading glasses on hand and to look great when you actually put them on.