Some Suggestions About Buying and Wearing Progressive Bifocal Glasses

It is true that progressive bifocal glasses are very popular among glasses wearers. And some others may become excited after knowing the merits of those glasses as a result. However, wearing bifocal glasses should also be noticed, for there are many key points to be noticed about those glasses. Here are some suggestions about buying and wearing progressive bifocal glasses and they may be helpful for new wearers or those who want to buy those glasses.

Eye examination – it is true that eye examination should be an important part for all people. And this process is essential for those who want to wear progressive bifocal glasses. The reason is very simple- the eye doctor can make an analysis on the patient’s eyes and get an idea about the prescription; whether people are good candidates for those glasses can also be detected through this process.

Good Opticians – most people will neglect this point, for they think all opticians are the same. The fact is, however, the prescribing of progressive bifocal glasses is much more complicated than other conventional glasses and is in need of great skills and knowledge. If the opticians are not will-experienced, they may make some mistakes on the prescription and the prescribed glasses can not meet wearers’ demands. And the wearers have to suffer a lot, both in time and health.

Age – this is often ignored by most people while buying glasses, for they think all people can wear them. However, people of particular age groups are not good candidates for some particular glasses. For example, some glasses are not suitable for school children. This is because their eyes are still in the growth. Luckily, progressive bifocal glasses are nice choice for children and people of other age group. Anyway, be careful about this.

Adaptation – this is a hot topic about wearing progressive bifocal glasses. Almost all people will have to spend sometime to get used to those glasses. Generally, the young people will have much shorter adaptation period than the older ones, for their eye muscle have relatively stronger elasticity. And those who have worn other glasses for very long time will spend much longer time, for their eyes have adapted to those former glasses already. But there is still a bad news that some people can not get used to progressive bifocal glasses though the reasons are still unknown. Anyway, one more point should be noticed during adaptation that wearers should be very careful about their eyes and glasses while working, driving, walking, etc.

Maintenance – this point was reemphasized on and on in the past. But now many people have forgotten it, for they think now that many new achievements are scored in frames, lenses, etc. less maintenance is needed. This is a great mistake. Anyway, good maintenance can help prolong the longevity of progressive bifocal glasses. For example, these glasses should be kept away from heat, humidity, strong radiation; the lens can not be rubbed by paper, buy special cotton clothing only; these glasses can not be put on the lenses directly, but on the arms. Anyway, nurturing good habits in maintaining glasses can cause less damage on these progressive bifocal glasses.

In fact, there are many other points should be noticed in wearing progressive bifocal glasses. Anyone who wants to get more detailed information about those warnings, he is suggested to visit the websites of some eye care clubs.