My Eyeglasses Shopping Experience

 Last month, I went into a prescription glasses store near by my house to see if I could get the lenses on my current frames replaced. I l do love my frames but one of the lenses unfortunately snapped into two pieces. They offered a price of $138 for basic lenses which I thought was a bit high because I was providing the frames and only required single vision correction lenses, so I decided to try elsewhere, but at the door I was called back by a salesgirl and she reduced the price to $80.

I thought that was a reasonable price and returned to the store…
After two weeks, my prescription glasses still weren’t ready; they told me there is some delay in Florida. After another 4 days they finally arrived. The lenses looked terribly thick but I took them, and drove home with them, because I really need glasses.

The next morning, I got a headache, I thought it was usual after a prescription change, but after the second day of continuously wear, I couldn’t put up with them, I had a terrible headache. I went back to the store and complained about the headaches the new glasses had been brought me.
They got one of their technicians to figure out what was wrong and her conclusion was that the center of the glasses didn’t match the center of my eye. They told me they will remake the lenses for me, but I was unwilling to trust them any more, I asked them for my money back.

I went back home, and saw my wife picking frame online. I told her my unlucky experience. She screamed with laughter and recommended me try to get a pair of prescription glasses online. I searched” prescription eyeglasses online” via internet and found a site named and I called their online customer service specialist and told them my requirements. They recommended high index lenses to my high prescription, also suggested me to pick a frame with smaller lens width and lens height to get the best appearance. I thought they are more knowledgeable, and finished my purchase online under their help.

Unbelievable, only a week later, I received my new prescription glasses. Another incredible thing is that I only spent $50 for entire order (including shipping, high index lens with anti-reflective coating and anti=scratch coating)

They have numerous frame styles which is stylish and fashionable. I was able find many pairs of inexpensive eyeglasses frames in the $7.95 range and chose two. Most frames come in at least two colors. There are minimal frames, fashion frames, delicate frames. You can find inexpensive eyeglasses frames to fit your every mood.

I think buying inexpensive eyeglasses online at is a convenient way. You only need a prescription from your doctor. I will certainly not buy glasses from any local glasses store again.