Tips for Cleaning Your Prescription Glasses

Whether it is prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses, eyeglasses are important accessories for many people. By wearing them every day, you generally invite an amount of dirt and sweat to be collected on them, especially on the lenses. It simply indicates unclear vision at the end of the day. Since prescription lenses do not have their own clearing system, they need to be cleaned manually every day to keep off all dirt and moist deposit.

Ways to clean your glasses lenses:

Cleaning your lenses is an easy task that you can do every day. Here are the three important ways to clean your lenses:

1. Choose your rinsing method. It is rather an easy method that you can do daily during the shower time. Keep the glasses under the warm water for some time and then rinse them with a soap solution carefully. You can also use liquid or gentle shampoo as well. After a quick washing session, you need to get a clean and soft cotton cloth and dry the frame properly.

2. Another prominent method of cleaning your lenses is through the soaking method. Being a time-taking method, the method is considered good for glasses which are used on an everyday basis. Take any tub and fill up it with a solution of warm water and a mild soap. Dip the glass in the solution for some time, swish and rinse the glass under the running water until the washing liquid is rinsed off. Finally, take a soft cloth to dry it completely.

3. Keep cleaning your glasses with a soft clothe for about 5- 6 times a day and put it inside its case before you go to bed.

Nowadays, many people are choosing a scratch free lens for their glasses. Though it usually costs more than the normal lenses, they are less prone to scratches.