Prescription Eyeglasses and I

Exactly, I am a girl with a pair of glasses on my face. Frankly, I am not the kind of girls that may attract all people’s attention in a second—I am just a plain Jane. What is worse, I have my ugly eyeglasses on my nose.

Well, let me introduce briefly how I got acquainted with my close companion—my pair of glasses. When I was in junior school, I found although I was sitting in the firs row in my class, I could hardly distinguish what the teachers were writing on the blackboard. I became the one who kept asking the teachers to write bigger, which should be the “job” of those sitting in the back or corner of the class. Then my mother took me to a shabby eyeglasses store to buy me a pair of eyeglasses. Wow, my degrees of near-sight was nearly 300!From then on, I began to wear glasses.

The first pair of glasses was made up of glass, and there was some greenish light shining the glass. Unfortunately, it was broken by me out of carelessness. By the way, I was scolded fiercely by both my father and my mother. Then I welcomed my second pair of prescription glasses, which I had expected to be better looking. However, it disappointed me in the same way. For all the types of eyeglasses in that store were very old and out of fashion. It was a frameless eyeglass with ugly shape. All of my classmates said that my once beautiful eyes were covered by that giant while ugly monster. Surely I was very angry and decided not to wear the glasses unless when I was having my classes. As a result, the degree of my near-sight was getting higher and higher. Every time the most frightening thing to me when we were doing the body examination was measuring the eyesight, because the only information I got was that I needed to replace my old eyeglasses.

Therefore, I could hardly remember how many pairs of eyeglasses I have bought, but I could clearly remember how fast my eyesight was getting worse and worse. Finally, I made up my mind to visit to buy myself a pair of beautiful as well as suitable glasses; so that I could wear it anytime in any place without worrying it would influence my remaining little beauty. Fortunately, they are doing promotions this month, and the progressive eyeglasses are all very cheap. Naturally, I bought a pair of fashionable glasses finally!