No Glasses to Wear

No glasses to wear seems like an impossible phrase to apply, especially when someone has some bad habits with the vision such as watching TV too close to the device, starring at the computer monitor for a long time without making some rest for the eyes, and also reading the book while laying on bed. Sometimes we don’t realize the long term effect of those unhealthy activities we do. We don’t realize that until we feel that when we see the far located objects like banners or movie subtitles, we can’t see them clearly anymore. It looks like a blur covering our eyesight. That is the time you need to wear glasses, contact lenses, or even lasik surgery.

If you want to have no glasses to wear, there are some simple tips to do. First, get use to watch the TV at least 2.5 meters far from the television device. Please notice that the normal human can maximally watch TV only for two and a half hours. More than that, there will be eyes fatigue you have. The second tip is, avoid reading a book while laying on bed, because if you do so, the eyes muscles will be forced to work harder to make you able to read the book clearly. Last but not least, let your eyesight have some rest after watching TV or starring at the computer monitor for a long time. Go outside to see the faraway views to make a balance for your eyesight seeing ability. It will be better if the views are full of trees so you will feel fresher when you go back to work or do something with your biggest dependence on the eyesight.

No glasses to wear seems like an impossible phrase to apply, but if you have a strong will to keep and maintain your eyesight by doing some simple tips above, you will always have your vision on the top performance.

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